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Furnace and Refractory

The majority of products we sell are manufactured in-house. We are capable of manufacturing a large variety of products from tiny ceramic insulators to large refractory shapes and furnace bricks. We supply spares and parts for furnaces and kilns

Material Used

The material used in manufacture is specific to the customer’s requirements with reference to temperature and application. Our use of a variety of different mould types, including silicone and disposable polystyrene moulds, and casting methods in production ensures our ability to keep manufacturing costs low and prompt dispatch of orders.

Manufactured Furnace and Refractory Products

We supply various industries with disposable polystyrene moulds for casting refractory shapes as well as the polystyrene disposable cores or inserts used in conventional plaster of paris moulds

- Element lead-out insulators

- Furnace elements

- Hearth blocks

- Refractory shapes

- Refractory bricks

- Pre-cast shapes and products

- Customized refractory moulds

- Furnace and kiln element slabs

- Furnace muffles

Customized refractory moulds Lead out insulators Grooved element bricks Muffles, embedded and semi-embedded elements

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