Refractory Moulds Information

Ukushisa services specialise in polystyrene moulds, void formers, and disposable cores for refractory casting. We are able to cut highly accurate technical drawings using CAD programs on our computer driven hot wire cutters from small to very large. Our mould making process offers an alternative to expensive steel moulds. This is a cost effective solution for low volume production items, as well as allowing rapid turnaround for high volume items.

Polystyrene moulds see advantages over traditional steel refractory moulds as they are simply replaced when required, with no worries about storage, deformation or theft. Adjustments to the end product are easily made without repeated investment costs. We are able to supply void formers or mould inserts shaped to the specifications of any technical drawing supplied.

We manufacture silicon moulds for intricate refractory shapes. We are also able to 3D print smaller items as prototypes or masters for silicon moulds. We supply moulds to various precast material manufacturers and are able to cast these in-house using the customer’s own material, if required.