The Benefits Of Polystyrene Products

Benefits of polystyrene Products

Polystyrene products are lightweight, versatile and have a diverse range of applications. From floor and roof insulation to decorative panels, and even as set pieces in feature films. Polystyrene is as light as a feather, and can be used where heavier materials may not be appropriate.

Why Ukushisa Polystyrene Products?

Ukushisa Services is a leading supplier of customised polystyrene to industry and the entertainment sector. We supply to Events, Exhibitions, Corporate and TV production companies as well as to the furnace and refractory industry.

Polystyrene Letters

Spell it out!

Our custom cutpolystyrene letters and numbers are ideal for decorating your home, celebrating birthdays, creating interesting mobiles and they make unique presents. Whether you cover them, with fabric, sequins, buttons, paint or glitter, they can be turned into vibrant decorations.

Decorative polystyrene lettering and numbering is light and therefore easy to affix to walls, or suspend from the ceiling.

Polystyrene Cake Dummies

Unfortunately cakes do not last forever. So it's a good thing we have a great range of polystyrene cake dummies, that are essential for all display cakes. Cake dummies are perfect for shop windows, wedding fairs and are perfectpracticing your cake decorating skills and training, without the hardship of baking. All our cake dummies come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles.

3D custom cut shapes

3D Polystyrene Props are a great economical way of providing a large scaled up version of your product or service. They provide an eye catching alternative to flat graphics and prints and can be made to look identical to your item.

We can design and manufacture a 3d model to match your product. They are a perfect solution to make your exhibition stand a more visual experience and catch the attention of passers-by.

Film sets, Stage and Concert Props

Creating a realistic movie set can be expensive, but polystyrene provides an inexpensive alternative that can create a backdrop that looks just like the real thing. Polystyrene is lightweight, so it can be easily moved and transported to your film set, whether it is a large-scale piece or just a simple stage prop. Polystyrene is a versatile material, so it can be made into anything you need. It is durable, so it can work in both internal and external locations. It can also be made quickly, with a much faster turnaround time than using wood, stone, metal and other conventional materials. It also can have any type of coating or finishing to create any look you need. Finally, it is environmentally friendly, as it does not release any greenhouse gases and it is completely recyclable.

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