The Benefits Of Polystyrene

1. 98% Air!

Expanded polystyrene(EPS or Styrofoam) is 98% air. This makes polystyrene products resource efficient. Resource efficiency is defined as using the limited resources in a sustainable manner in order to limit its impacts on the environment. Polystyrene packaging is the lightest packing solution available. Weight saving is one of the most appreciated advantages of EPS. This makes EPS easily transportable too. Its exceptional features include durability, versatility, shock absorption and insulation capability.

2. 100% Recyclable!

Polystyrene is an environment-friendly polymer. It is cent percent recyclable. It is usually recycled and melted to its 1/90th of its original volume. It is then converted to tight bricks. Polystyrene can also be recycled using liquid hydrocarbon known as Limonene, which can be extracted from citrus fruits. Limonene literally dissolves the foam. These forms of EPS can be transported into factories for reusing. The most easier way to recycle polystyrene is by reusing it for other purposes.

3. Guaranteed Versatility

Polystyrene’s versatility is appreciated by a lot of industries. From military uses to the automotive industry, EPS has mentionable usage everywhere. EPS is versatile in both application and processing. It is used in the automotive industry where lightweight component parts help to increase fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Thereby EPS helps to lower carbon emissions. Its insulation property is used widely in heating & ventilation industries.

4. Flexible to mold as you like

Depending on its end use, EPS can be molded as you like. It can be molded with desired material density, working hinges, skins, textures, and colors. To enhance the strength of the mold, wireframes, metal brackets and plastic fixings can be insert-molded with EPS. With latest techniques, any type of molding can be made aesthetically appealing and attractive by adding texture, skin and interesting colors. Even the natural beaded effect of polystyrene can be masked with modern techniques.

5. The best insulator!

Polystyrene soundproofing solutions are widely used in theatres and opera houses.

When compared with commonly used insulating materials such as wood, cardboard, wool etc, polystyrene is the most cost-efficient and superior of them all. The composition of EPS is basically consisting of 98% air. Air is a bad conductor of heat this makes EPS exceptionally good at blocking heat transfer. Its thermal resistance is way above all other insulators.