Polystyrene Exhibition Solutions

Stand out from the crowd at your next event.

When it comes to a successful event or exhibition Ukushisa Services is proud to offer a wide variety of large scale lettering, wording and logo solutions to suit your exhibition and branding needs. With the right signage, your space can be exciting and inviting, attracting attention and drawing in new business opportunities.

We have an extensive library of pictures and ideas to choose from but clients are welcome to send or supply their own ideas, drawings and pictures for us to work from. Painting, coatings and resins are offered on request.

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Custom Cut Polystyrene

Any Shape or Any Size.

Ukushisa services can custom cut all your polystyrene requirements. We specialise in void formers, polystyrene moulds and disposable cores for refractory casting, sheets and polystyrene block. We can cut any silhouette type 2D shape desired as well as geometric 3D shapes. We keep stock of polystyrene letters, balls and standard sized sheets, with all other items cut to order.

We offer various high, medium and low density void formers, containing a flame retarding additive for building applications. Our sheets are offered in either standard grade or custom cut from high density polystyrene. All other custom cut items are produced from high density polystyrene ensuring a quality finish. In addition we offer a large range of polystyrene cake dummies cut from a good display grade polystyrene, ensuring your dummies are easy to work with and minimising handling damages. All our products can be supplied in white natural polystyrene, painted, coated or a printed decal can be attached to the 2D cut outs and party boxes.

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Refractory & Furnace

The majority of our products are manufactured in-house. We are capable of manufacturing a large variety of refractory shapes, ranging from tiny ceramic insulators to large refractory parts and furnace bricks. We supply spares and parts for furnaces and kilns

Parts are manufactured in a variety of materials, dependant on the customer’s specific requirements with reference to temperature and application. Our use of a variety of different mould types, including silicone moulds, disposable polystyrene moulds and traditional refractory moulds, as well as our casting methods in production ensures our ability to keep manufacturing costs low and ensure prompt dispatch of orders.

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Polystyrene Products

Polystyrene Products

Ukushisa Services specialises in custom cut and painted polystyrene items to all industries ranging from party decor to larger than life pieces for expos and advertising. Even the biggest come to us for all their requirements. All our items are custom cut and manufactured to order. We are able to cut highly accurate technical drawings using CAD programs on our computer driven hot wire cutters from small to very large cut outs to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

We have an extensive library of pictures and ideas to choose from but if preferred clients can send or supply their own ideas, drawings and pictures for us to work from. Painting, coatings and resins are offered on request

Manufactured Polystyrene Products

- Void Formers

- 3D Lettering

- 3D custom cut shapes

- Cake Dummies

- Logos

- Refractory Moulds & Cores

- 2D Charaters

- Film set, stage Television and concert props.

- Product launches

- Party decor, Centre Pieces & party boxes

- Balls

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About Ukushisa Services

Ukushisa Services, a BBBEE accredited company, derives its name from the Zulu word “shisa” meaning hot. We have over 20 years’ experience in the manufacture, supply and entertainment/events industry and have established a reputation as a solid industry professional.

Ukushisa is a small company comprising a dedicated team of workers. At the helm is Derek Orford, who is the technical expert in the company. With many years’ experience in the industry, Derek is widely respected and sought after for his problem solving abilities and his fine eye for detail. With his vast technical background and knowledge, Derek is instrumental in the research and development of new products. New product development allows us to provide tailored solutions and comprehensive support to our customers. New challenges are our forte. We pride ourselves on our excellent personal customer service and our ability to supply high quality products at competitive prices. Our staff are always prepared to go the extra mile with service that is fast, efficient and friendly.

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