Ukushisa Services supplies a wide range of polystyrene products to the baking industry. The products offered by Ukushisa Services include cake dummies, shoe formers, cones (croquembouche) and balls. We use only high grade polystyrene, resulting in a quality product that is easier to ice and decorate with less risk of marking or deforming. Cake dummies are often used in cake icing classes, to practice cake icing techniques, for display cakes in windows, in cake icing competitions and to reduce the costs of large cakes. Shoe formers are used to allow fondant shoes to set. Cones are used for making macaroon towers or other such similar displays.

Ukushisa Services are able to offer all shapes of cake dummies or cleats, including round, square, rectangular of hexagonal shaped dummies. We are also able to assist with other shapes of cake dummies such as stars, hearts, ovals, or other custom shapes such as pillows or scallops. We supply cut out dummies, with a variety of cut out options available such as circles, hearts or ovals. Cut out dummies can be produced to accommodate a turntable or cake supports. We are able to supply cake dummies for topsy turvy cakes – either a standard topsy turvy cake or one produced to your unique specifications. We can also assist with custom cupcake stands for beautifully displaying your cupcakes to maximum effect. We offer a wide variety of cones, which are cut to order. Our standard cone sizes range from 70mm to 300mm diameter and 120mm to 600mm in height, but custom sizes can be quoted on request.

We maintain high quality control standards over all our products and offer quick turnaround times, at reasonable prices. All items are cut to order with free delivery available in the Gauteng area for orders over R2,500.00.